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Question about MMSS Controller inside PAC5523

Ask an EngineerCategory: Intelligent Motor ControlQuestion about MMSS Controller inside PAC5523
Hakjin Jeong asked 6 months ago

Q1) Question about Figure 10-3 SEPIC Mode in the PAC5523 datasheet

  • doesn’t it seem to be SEPIC mode. I think it is flyback mode. am I something wrong?

Q2) Can I get PAC application notes and user guide for MMSS controller design and programming?
(Referred at page 26 of PAC5523 datasheet.)

2 Answers
Jose Quinones answered 6 months ago

Hi Hakjin Jeong,
To answer your questions:
Q1: The diagram is basically lacking the capacitor in between the primary and secondary transformer coils. We can send you a suggested schematic for the SEPIC mode.

Q2: I recommend you take a look at the PAC5523 Users Manual which contains all of the information required to understand the device’s register structure. You may also be able to take advantage of our code examples (either the BEMF or FOC project) and study the café_init() function where we initialize this block.

Hope the info helps!

Hakjin Jeong answered 6 months ago

Thank you for your feedback.
Can you send me a suggested schematic for the SEPIC mode?
Best Regards