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How to debug PAC5532EVK1 Kit with J-link??

Ask an EngineerCategory: GeneralHow to debug PAC5532EVK1 Kit with J-link??
Dương Hùng asked 3 months ago

I have bought a PAC5532EVK1 KIT on digikey website.. I’m trying do that with J-link but I can’t debug it. Could you tell me how to debug it with J-link please. Thanks you so much.

1 Answers
Jose Quinones answered 3 months ago

Hi Duong Hung, what IDE are you utilizing? I recommend you take a look at the PAC5523 web page, specifically the Software TAB. If you browse towards the bottom, you will see a series of downloadable files regarding support for the different tools such as IDE’s and including the Segger J-Link. Within the archive, there is a document containing instructions and tips on how to get the debugger/programmer to work with the EVK platform. Please let us know if this resource does not solve your problem.