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Product Features

  • Up to 80% Component Count Reduction vs. Discrete Solutions
  • Up to 50% Solution Price Reduction
  • 2-4x Higher Reliability
  • 80% Reduction in Design Effort
  • <2mW Standby Power
  • Integrated Sequencing control: Pre-validated & Programmable for Atmel Processor Solutions
  • Lowest Noise for Analog Rails on Noise Sensitive Application
  • I2C™ Serial Interface

ACT8945A is a cost effective, highly efficient ActivePMU™ power management solution, optimized for the unique power, voltage sequencing, and control requirements of the Atmel SAMA5 and SAM9 based eMPU series processors. It is ideal for a wide range of high performance portable handheld applications such as smartwatches. wearables, POS terminals, tablet PCs, human-machine interfaces, control panels, smart grid infrastructures, network gateways, M2M systems, 2D barcode scanners, barcode printers, machine vision equipment, as well as home and commercial building automations, medical devices and white goods.

This device features three step-down DC/DC converters and four low-noise, low-dropout (LDO) regulators, along with a complete battery charging solution featuring ActivePath™ system-power selection function. The three DC/DC converters utilize a high efficiency, fixed-frequency (2MHz), current-mode PWM control architecture that reduces the number of external components. Two DC/DCs are capable of supplying up to 1100mA of output current, while the third supports up to 1200mA. All four LDO regulators are high performance, low-noise regulators capable of supplying up to 320mA of output current.

Advantages of our Modular Power PMU

Features Benefits
Space Saving With fully integrated power stages with high switching frequency
of 2.25MHz (1.125Mhz) to reduce external component size
Integrated sequencing Easy system level design with programmable Reset and Power
Good functions allows for flexible sequencing options
Seamless sequencing With external supplies via integrated GPIOs and Power Good signals
Highly configurable Via a I2C uP interface for status reporting and controlling

  • IOT
  • POS
  • Wearables
  • Smartwatches
  • HMI
  • M2M
  • White Goods
  • Other PMU

  • EA8945AQJ305
  • ACT8945AEVK1-305
  • EA8945AQJ405