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Product Features

  • Fully Programmable 150MHz Arm® Cortex-M4F®
  • Integrated 70V DC/DC Buck or SEPIC controller
  • 128kB FLASH
  • Integrated 70V/1.5A Gate Drivers
  • Integrated PGA (3 Differential, 4 Single-ended)
  • Integrated DACs and Comparators
  • UART, CAN, I2C and SPI serial interfaces
  • Extremely low total hibernate mode
  • Minimal external components
  • 6x6mm, 48-pin QFN

The PAC5523 belongs to Active-Semi’s Power Application Controller (PAC®) family. The PAC® family of products are highly-optimized SOC devices that can implement BLDC or PMSM programmable motor controller and driver in a single integrated IC. The PAC5523 integrates a high-performance, high-memory FLASH-based 150MHz Arm® Cortex-M4F®, Power Management , High-side and low-side Gate Drivers and Signal-Conditioning components in a single product.

The PAC5523 is optimized for high-performance battery-powered BLDC motor control applications up to 48V.

Advantages of our Intelligent Motor Control

High-Performance, high-memory programmable 32-bit MCU Allows implementation of high-performance advanced control algorithms such as Field Oriented Control (FOC), Sensorless BEMF, Sensored BLDC and serial communications protocols
Integrated Power Management Removes the need for an external DC/DC Controller. Provides 5V/200mA system supply for additional PCB peripherals. Integrates all power rails for MCU, FLASH, Analog and gate drivers
Integrated Gate Drivers 3 integrated 70V/1.5A high-side and 3 integrated 1.5A low-side gate drivers for 3-phase inverters
Integrated Signal Chain Allows integrated current, voltage and temperature sensing and protection using integrated Differential and Single-ended Programmable-Gain Amplifiers, comparators and DACs. Hardware-based cycle by cycle current limit
Lowest Standby Power 18µA Iq for standby-mode


Active-Semi’s PAC5523EVK1 evaluation kit is a complete hardware solution enabling users to evaluate the PAC5523 device, but also develop motor control applications revolving around the powerful and versatile 150MHz Arm® Cortex® -M4F based MCU. This evaluation kit is a motor controller and driver evaluation PCB, that uses PAC5523 Power Application Controller®.To aid in evaluation and application development the PAC5523EVK1 offers access to all of the PAC5523 device’s signals by means of a series of female header connectors.

The PAC5523EVK1 can be used with the include reference firmware for sensored BLDC, sensorless BEMF and sensorless FOC control. Each firmware suite includes a graphical user interface (GUI) that runs on a Windows platform for evaluation and debugging of the user application. The ET-COLINK-1 and ET-UARTISO-1 adapters can be used for FLASH programming using SWD and GUI communication using the UART on the PAC5523.


PAC5523EVK1 User Manual

PAC5523EVK1 Schematics, Layout, BOM, Gerber Files



Supporting Evaluation Tools


The ET-COLINK-1 adapter allows the user to program and perform source level debugging of the target device using SWD from a PC. This adapter is required when using the CooCox CoIDE for development. This IDE and adapter will allow the user to program FLASH on the device, as well as perform source-level debugging of the application.

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The ET-UARTISO-1 adapter allows the user to connect the graphical user interface (GUI) to the target board via USB. The adapter allows the user to access the UART serial channel on the PAC device, so that the GUI may be used for evaluation and debugging of an operating system.

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PAC5523 BLDC Application Firmware
Installer for the PAC5523 BLDC application firmware, which implements sensorless BEMF motor control on the PAC5523 device. The installer contains example application source code, Windows graphical user interface (GUI), and documentation to allow the user to configure the system to work with their target motor. Project files for IAR Systems Embedded Workbench for ARM (EWARM) and Keil uVision are included.

PAC55XX FOC Application Firmware
Installer for the PAC ® FOC application firmware designed to show case motor control using sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) on all members of the PAC ® family of devices. The installer contains example FOC application source code, Windows graphical user interface (GUI), and documentation to allow the user to configure the system to work with their target motor. Project files for IAR Systems Embedded Workbench for ARM (EWARM), Keil uVision, Eclipse, and CooCox CoIde are included. The FOC application provides a configurable set of features to meet many different application requirements such as sensorless position/speed estimator, start-in-motion (SIM), three or single shunt operation, open phase
detection (OPD), field weakening and others.

PAC55XX Software Development Kit
Installer for the PAC55XX Software Development Kit (SDK) that provides register level definitions and peripheral driver APIs for developing ARM M4 application firmware on all PAC55XX devices. The PAC55XX SDK is a unified SDK that supports Keil µVision IDE, IAR Systems Embedded Workbench for ARM (EWARM) IDE, and GCC tool chains.


PAC55XX IDE Support
Development of application firmware for PAC55XX ARM Cortex ® M4 is made easy with standard integrated development environments (IDEs). PAC55XX can be used with the most popular integrated IDEs including Keil MDK(uVision), IAR Systems Embedded Workbench for ARM, Eclipse, and Coocox CoIDE.


Guides for installation of each of these IDEs

Support files for developing PAC55XX firmware with Keil MDK (uVision).
Support files for developing PAC55XX firmware with IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM
Installer for Eclipse and supporting plugins for development on the PAC ® family of devices.
Support files for developing PAC55XX firmware with CooCox CoIDE
Support files to enable flashing the PAC5523 using Segger J-Flash via J-Link debuggers.