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Product Features

  • Fully Programmable 32-bit MCU
  • Integrated DC/DC Flyback controller
  • Integrated 23V/40mA open-drain drivers
  • Integrated 3.3V/5V PWM
  • Integrated PGA (3 Differential, 4 Single-ended)
  • Integrated DACs and Comparators
  • UART, I2C and SPI serial interfaces
  • Extremely low Iq total hibernate mode
  • Minimal external components
  • 8x8mm, 56-pin QFN

The PAC5210 belongs to Active-Semi’s Power Application Controller (PAC®) family. The PAC® family of products are highly-optimized SOC devices that can implement BLDC or PMSM programmable motor controller and driver in a single integrated IC. The PAC5210 integrates a FLASH-based MCU, Power Management, open-drain drivers and signal-conditioning components in a single product.

The PAC5210 is optimized toward high-power IPM-based inverter systems.

The PAC5210 contains a 50MHz Arm® Cortex®-M0 with 32kB of FLASH that can be used to implement high-performance motor control and supervisory applications. The MCU also contains motor control peripherals such as 10b 1MSPS dual auto-sequencer ADC and PWM timers with hardware dead-time insertion. The Multi-Mode Power Manager™ (MMPM) contains a 600V Flyback DC/DC controller and power management components for powering the IC and other PCB system power supplies. The Application-Specific Power Drivers™ provide integrated open-drain drivers for driving external relay devices. The Configurable Analog Front-End™ (CAFE) provides signal-chain components such as differential and single-end amplifiers, comparators and DACs.

Advantages of our Intelligent Motor Control

Programmable 32-bit MCU Allows implementation of high-performance advanced control algorithms such as Field Oriented Control (FOC), Sensorless BEMF, Sensored BLDC and serial communications protocols
Integrated Power Manager Removes the need for an external 600V DC/DC Controller. Provides 5V/200mA system supply for additional PCB peripherals. Integrates all power rails for MCU, FLASH, Analog and gate drivers
Integrated Gate Drivers Removes the need external open-drain driver circuits
Integrated Signal Chain Allows integrated Current, Voltage and Temperature sensing and protection using integrated Differential and Single-ended Programmable-Gain Amplifiers, comparators and DACs
Lowest standby power Allows 18µA Iq for standby-mode

  • IPM Controller
  • General Purpose Controller

Supporting Evaluation Tools


The ET-COLINK-1 adapter allows the user to program and perform source leveldebugging of the target device using SWD from a PC. This adapter is required when using the CooCox CoIDE for development. This IDE and adapter will allow the user to program FLASH on the device, as well as perform source-level debugging of the application.

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The ET-UARTISO-1 adapter allows the user to connect the graphical user interface (GUI) to the target board via USB. The adapter allows the user to access the UART serial channel on the PAC device, so that the GUI may be used for evaluation and debugging of an operating system.

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Installer for the PAC52XX Software Development Kit (SDK) that provides register level definitions and peripheral driver APIs for developing ARM M0 application firmware on all PAC52XX devices.  The PAC52XX SDK is a unified SDK that supports Keil µVision IDE, IAR Systems Embedded Workbench for ARM (EWARM) IDE, and GCC tool chains.



PAC52XX IDE Support

Development of application firmware for PAC52XX ARM Cortex® M0 is made easy with standard integrated development environments (IDEs).   Several of the most popular integrated IDEs contain support for PAC52XX devices including Keil uVision, IAR Systems Embedded Workbench for ARM, and Coocox CoIDE.


Guides for installation of each of these IDEs

PAC52XX_Keil_IDE_Guide Guide for installing Keil uVision for development of PAC52XX ARM Cortex M0 application firmware.
PAC52XX_Keil_IDE_Upgrade_v1.0.9_pack_to_v2.0.0_pack Guide for upgrading the Keil uVision PAC52XX .pack from v1.0.9 to v2.0.0.
PAC52XX_IAR_IDE_Guide Guide for installing IAR Systems Embedded Workbench IDE for development of PAC52X ARM Cortex M0 application firmware.
PAC52XX_CooCox_IDE_Guide Guide for installing CooCox CoIDE for development of PAC52XX ARM Cortex M0 application firmware.