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Product Features

  • Buck Boost Converter with 4 integrated Switches
  • Wide VIN Range: 4V to 23V (No Dead Zone)
  • 3 to 23V Wide Output Voltage Range
  • Supports Programmable Power Supply (PPS)
  • 2V ~ 5V/100mA Programmable Output LDO
  • Voltage and Current monitoring
  • Thermal Regulation and Protection
  • Enable Pin for Power On/Off Control
  • Programmable via I²C
    • Output Voltage
    • Output Current
    • Output Soft-Start
  • Thermally Enhanced 32-Lead 4mx4mm QFN
Part Number Fsw Feedback ADC Converter
ACT5101QI101-T 500kHz Internal Yes
ACT5102QI101-T 500kHz External No

The ACT510x is a buck-boost converter with 4 integrated MOSFETs. It offers a high efficiency, low component count, compact solution for a wide input voltage range from 4V to 23V applications. An advanced switch control algorithm allows the buck-boost converter to maintain output voltage regulation with input voltages that are above, below or equal to the output voltage. The system can be monitored and configured by I²C as well. The build in ADC (ACT5101) can be read for the information of input/output voltages and currents, die temperature, and generic input signals.



  • Car Charger
  • Docking Stations
  • Multiple Power Source Suppliers
  • DC UPS
  • Solar Powered Devices
  • Solid-State Lighting


ACT5101EVK1-102 Evaluation Tool Users Guide

This document describes the characteristic and operation of the active semi® ACT5101EVK1-102 and ACT5102EVK1-102 evaluation kits (EVK). It provides setup and operation instructions, schematic, layout, BOM, and test data. The ACT5101EVK1-102 demonstrates the ACT5101QI102 power management IC. The ACT5102EVK1-102 demonstrates the ACT5102QI102 power management IC. Other ACT5101QIxxx and ACT5102QIxxx options can be evaluated on these EVKs by replacing the IC and any other necessary components.
The two EVKs are very similar. The difference is that the ACT5101 output voltage is set by internal registers and it has A/D functionality. The ACT5102 output voltage is set by external resistors and it does not have A/D functionality.


We are in the process of releasing an Evaluation Tool with a corresponding GUI for details please contact marketing@active-semi.com