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Product Features

  • AEC-Q100 Automotive Qualified
  • -40°C~125°C Junction Temperature Range Automotive Qualified
  • Passes SAE J1752 M8A EMC testing
  • Quick Charge™ 2.0 Certified by Qualcomm® and UL.
  • UL Certificate No. 4787083099-1
  • 40V Input Voltage Surge
  • 4.5V-36V Operational Input Voltage
  • 5.1V/9.1V/12.1V Output with +/-1% Accuracy
  • Up to 3.0A Output current
  • Constant Current Regulation Limit
  • QC2.0 + Auto-Detect + USB-PD Type-C Support
  • Hiccup Mode Protection at Output Short
  • >90% Efficiency at Full Load
  • 0.5mA Low Standby Input Current
  • 5.7V/10.1V/13.5V Output Over-voltage Protection for 5.1V/9.1V/12.1V Outputs
  • Cord Voltage Compensation
  • Meet EN55022 Class B Radiated EMI Standard
  • 8kV ESD HBM Protection on DP and DM
  • SOP-8EP Package

ACT4529 is a wide input voltage, high efficiency step-down DC/DC converter that operates in either CV (Constant Output Voltage) mode or CC (Constant Output Current) mode. This device has QC2.0 built in to provide 5.1V/9.1V/12.1V outputs as requested by attached portable devices. Besides building in QC2.0 decoding, it also supports Apple, Samsung and BC1.2 devices to charge at full current rate. ACT4529 has an interface for USB-PD control via a tri-state digital pin. Vout is 5.1V if this pin is floating, Vout is 9.1V when this pin voltage is less than 0.8V and Vout is 12.1V while this pin voltage is more than 2.0V. ACT4529 has accurate output current limits under constant current regulation. It provides up to 3.0A output current at 125kHz switching frequency. ACT4529 utilizes adaptive drive technique to achieve good EMI performance while main >90% efficiency at full load for mini size CLA designs. It also has output short circuit protection with hiccup mode. The average output current is reduced to below 6mA when output is shorted to ground. Other features include output over voltage protection and thermal shutdown. This device is available in a SOP-8EP package and requires very few external components for operation.

For details on SAE J1752 M8A EMC performance and testing, refer to Active-Semi application note AN-106, ACT4529M Automotive EMC Performance.