Active-Semi Solutions for Sustainability
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 Product Features

  • Wide 4.5V to 28V Input Voltage Range
  • 1.5A Output Current (12VIN to 5VOUT)
  • Output Adjustable Down to 0.81V
  • 0.3Ω Internal Power MOSFET
  • Up to 92% Efficiency
  • Stable with Low ESR Ceramic Capacitors
  • Fixed 1.4MHz Operating Frequency
  • Internal Soft-Start Function
  • Over Current Protection with Hiccup-Mode
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Available in a SOT23-6 Package

The ACT4088 is a current-mode step-down DC/DC converter that supplies up to 1.5A into 5V from a 12V input. 1.4MHz switching frequency allows the use of tiny external components, and internal loop compensation provides simple, stable power supplies with a minimum of external components. Optimized for use with ceramic input and output capacitors, the ACT4088 provides a very compact 1.5A power supply for space constrained mobile and consumer applications. The ACT4088 operates over a wide input voltage range and utilizes current-mode operation to provide excellent line and load transient response while requiring no external compensation components. Fault protection includes cycle-by-cycle cur- rent limiting,
frequency fold-back, hiccup mode, and thermal shutdown. Internal soft-start provides a controlled startup with no overshoot, even at light loads.

The ACT4088 is available in a tiny SOT23-6 package and requires very few external components.





  • TFT LCD Monitors
  • Portable DVDs, Headphones, MP3 Players, etc.
  • Car-Powered or Battery-Powered Equipment
  • Set-Top Boxes
  • Telecom Power Supplies
  • DSL and Cable Modems and Routers