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Product Features

  • CCM and Quasi-Resonant Operation
  • Adjustable up to 75kHz Switching Frequency
  • OCP/OLP Protection
  • Integrated Patented Frequency Foldback Technique
  • Integrated Patented Line Compensation
  • Built-in Soft-Start Circuit
  • Line Under-Voltage, Thermal, Output Overvoltage, Output Short Protections
  • Current Sense Resistor Short Protection
  • Transformer Short Winding Protection
  • 100mW Standby Power
  • Complies with Global Energy Efficiency and CEC Average Efficiency Standards
  • Tiny SOT23-6 Package

The ACT512 is a high performance peak current mode PWM controller. ACT512 applies ActiveQR™ and frequency foldback technique to reduce EMI and improve efficiency. ACT512’s maximum design switching frequency is set at 75kHz. Very low standby power, good dynamic response and accurate voltage regulation is achieved with an opto-coupler and the secondary side control circuit. The idle mode operation enables low standby power of 100mW with small output voltage ripple. By applying frequency foldback and ActiveQR™ technology, ACT512 increases the average system efficiency compared to conventional solutions and exceeds the latest ES2.0 efficiency standard with good margin.

ACT512 integrates comprehensive protection. In case of over temperature, over voltage, winding short, current sense resistor short, open loop and overload conditions, it would enter into auto restart mode including Cycle-by-Cycle current limiting. ACT512 is to achieve no overshoot and very short rise time even with a big capacitive load with the built-in fast and soft start process. In full load condition, ACT512 is able to be designed to work in both CCM mode and DCM mode to meet different types of applications. Quasi-Resonant (QR) operation mode can improve efficiency during DCM operation, and reduce EMI and further reduce the components in input filter. ACT512 is ideal for applications up to 60 Watts.