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Product Features

  • Patented Primary Side Regulation Technology
  • Quasi-Resonant Operation
  • Adjustable up to 85kHz Switching Frequency
  • +/-5% Output Voltage Regulation
  • Accurate OCP/OLP Protection
  • Integrated Output Cord Compensation
  • Integrated Line and Primary Inductance Compensation
  • Built-in Soft-Start Circuit
  • Line Under-Voltage, Thermal, Output Overvoltage, Output Short Protections
  • Current Sense Resistor Short Protection
  • Transformer Short Winding Protection
  • Less than 100mW Standby Power Power for ACT413
  • Less than 75mW Standby Power for ACT413A
  • Complies with Global Energy Efficiency and CEC Average Efficiency Standards
  • Tiny SOT23-6 Package

The ACT413/ACT413A is a high performance peak current mode PWM controller which applies ActivePSRTM and ActiveQRTM technology. ACT413/ACT413A achieves accurate voltage regulation without the need of an opto-coupler or reference device. The ACT413/ACT413A is designed to achieve less than 100mW/75mW Standby Power. By applying frequency fold back and ActiveQRTM technology, ACT413/ACT413A exceeds the latest ES2.0 efficiency standard. ACT413/ACT413A integrates comprehensive protection. In case of over temperature, over voltage, short winding, short current sense resistor, open loop and overload conditions, it would enter auto restart mode including cycle-by-cycle current limiting. ACT413/ACT413A is to achieve no overshoot and very short rise time even with big capacitive load (4000μF) with the built-in fast and soft start process. The Quasi-Resonant (QR) operation mode can effectively improve efficiency, reduce the EMI noise and further reduce the components in input filter. ACT413/ACT413A is idea for application up to 36 Watt.