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Product Features

  • No Opto-Coupler
  • Suitable Operation Frequency up to 85kHZ
  • Best-in-Class Constant Voltage
  • Proprietary Fast Startup Circuit
  • Built-in Soft-Start Circuit
  • Integrated Line and Primary Inductance Compensation
  • Integrated Programmable Output Cord Resistance Compensation
  • Complies with all Global Energy Efficiency and CEC Average Efficiency Standards
  • Dedicate Adapter Application from 6W to 12W
  • Tiny SOT23-6 Package

The ACT365 ActivePSRTM is optimized for high performance, cost-sensitive applications, and utilizes Active-Semi’s proprietary primary-side feedback architecture to provide accurate constant voltage, constant current (CV/CC) regulation without the need of an opto-coupler or reference device. Integrated line and primary inductance compensation circuitry provides accurate constant current operation despite wide variations in line voltage and primary inductance. Integrated output cord resistance compensation further enhances output accuracy. The ACT365 achieves excellent regulation and transient response, yet requires less than 150mW of standby power. The ACT365 is optimized for compact size 6W to 12W adapter applications. It is available in SOP-8 package.