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Active-Semi delivers industry leading price to performance on primary-side regulator (PSR) and secondary-side regulator (SSR) AC/DC power converters through our ActivePSR™ and ActiveQR™ technologies. The portfolio covers Primary Side and Secondary Side solutions.

Primary Side Regulator (ActivePSR™)
Primary Side Regulators (ActivePSR™)

Our ActivePSR™ family of offline primary feedback power supply controllers enable many advanced features to be integrated into a small package, resulting in the lowest total cost solutions. ActivePSR™ ICs meet all green energy initiatives, yet are capable of high accuracy regulation and offer a wide range of safety features including over-current protection, over-temperature protection, short-circuit hiccup mode, and under-voltage lockout mechanisms. ActivePSR™ IC’s application includes charger or adapter of mobile phone, PDA, MP4, IPAD, DSC and other portable devices.

Secondary Side Regulator
Secondary Side Regulators

Active-Semi offers state-of-the-art secondary side regulator products for applications such as AC/DC Adapters, Power Supplies, and AC Line Powered LED Lamps.