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Active-Semi’s First Wearable PMIC in the ActiveCiPSTM Series

Dallas, Texas, USA – Jan 8th, 2019 – The ACT81460 integrates a full solution for the wearable market with industry leading standby quiescent current designed to prolong battery life.  With a JEITA compliant Active Power Path Linear Charger (APLC™) that integrates a 20V smart switch offering protection from faulty chargers or potential high voltage from USB – PD sources. It also includes a programmable input current limit, dynamic voltage limit and other configurable charging parameters such as battery termination voltage and currents, charge rate, battery temperature sense. The fully integrated, 3.3MHz switching frequency DC/DC converters enable the use of small external components and a full range of protection features.

Active-Semi adds seven channel ACT88430 to its ActiveCiPS™ Product Line

Dallas, Texas, USA – Nov 27th, 2018 – The ACT88430 is the next generation ActiveCiPS™ Power Management IC combining seven fully integrated power channels with one 4A buck regulator, three 2.5A buck regulators and three LDOs with digitally controlled features providing seamless and easy sequencing, adjustable protection features, four highly flexible GPIOs and a dedicated external power converter control pin. The buck converters support DVS (Dynamic Voltage Scaling) with 9.375mV steps down to 0.6V and can be controlled with the I2C interface to optimize individual processor performance.

Active-Semi introduces new 44V System Cost Optimized Intelligent Motor Control IC for handheld power tools, RC vehicles and low voltage fans

Dallas, Texas, USA – Oct 26th, 2018 – The PAC5222 is an Arm® Cortex®-M0 intelligent motor controller that has an optimized Analog Front End (AFE) to align with the demand for smaller, lower component count systems with reduced PCB (Printed Circuit Board) area. The PAC5222 enables board layouts that can be mounted directly on the back of a BLDC or PMSM motor.

Active-Semi’s new PMICs Reduce Size and Increase Power Density with leading Field Programmable Technology

Dallas, Texas, USA – Oct 24th, 2018 – The ACT88325 and ACT88326 PMICs are integrated field programmable ActivePMU™ power management units, also referred to as PMICs (Power Management ICs). The products are highly flexible with non-volatile memory and come pre-programmed and can be field programmed via I²C or via GPIOs for multiple applications.

Active-Semi’s Rapid Growth Spurs Headquarters Expansion

Dallas, Texas, USA – Sept 10th, 2018 – With company revenues more than tripling over the past 3 years and continuing to grow greater than 50% in 2019, Active-Semi’s Headquarters is moving to a much larger facility. The new facility will offer much needed room as Active-Semi continues hiring the best engineering talent in the industry. The new Headquarters is located at 3305 Matrix Drive, Suite 200, Richardson, Texas 75082 and will house a portion of the company’s 150 worldwide employees.

Active-Semi introduces a 160V Arm® Cortex®M4F High-Performance Intelligent BLDC Motor Controller and Driver for High-Power Garden and Power Tool Applications

August 23, 2018 DALLAS Active-Semi Int. Inc. ( announced today a new member of its PAC55XX family of PAC® high-performance motor controllers with the PAC5532 IC. It is supported by an Evaluation Kit (EVK) and accompanying firmware for easy and fast evaluation of advanced motor control solutions.

Active-Semi Int Inc Releases First New High-Performance Integrated Intelligent BLDC Motor Controller and Driver with 150MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4F MCU

Dallas, Tx June 15thActive-Semi Inc. ( announced today the first member of a new family of PAC® high-performance motor controllers with the PAC5523 IC. It is supported by an Evaluation Kit (EVK) and accompanying firmware for easy and fast evaluation of advanced motor control solutions.

Field Programmable Power Management IC added to growing Active-Semi product line up

Dallas, TX, USA May 23rd 2018 -The ACT88320 PMIC is an integrated ActivePMU™ power management unit that is optimized for space constrained applications like Solid State Drives (SSD), Video Doorbell, Action Camera and other video processing applications. It includes 3 fully integrated DC/DC step down converters and 2 low-dropout regulators (LDOs). The ACT88320 also includes a high-power load switch controller, enabling Over Voltage protection up to 20V, Over Current Protection and Inrush Current control.

Active-Semi Inc. Announces 30V USB-PD 3.0 + PPS compliant Buck-Boost Converters and Charger with Integrated MOSFETs and USB On-The-Go (OTG)

DALLAS, Texas, May 8 2018 – Active-Semi releases its first buck-boost devices, the I2C programmable output buck-boost converter ACT5101, the fixed output buck-boost converter ACT5102, and the I2C programmable ACT2861 JEITA compliant buck-boost charger.

TowerJazz and active-semi® Announce the Ramp to Production of a Motor Driver IC on 200V SOI Technology

DALLAS, Texas, March 19, 2018 — TowerJazz MIGDAL HAEMEK, Israel the global specialty foundry leader, today announced the ramp to production of active-semi®’s high-voltage integrated motor controller and driver PAC5232, using TowerJazz’s 200V power SOI technology (TS18SOI), addressing the emerging markets of battery-operated power and garden tools. The TS18SOI process offers a superior isolation scheme, enabling integration of multiple circuits, at a smaller footprint while supporting voltages up to 200V.

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