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Active-Semi’s Power Application Controller® (PAC®) IC Family is an ideal single-IC solution for 3-phase Motor control up to 600V with BLDC and PMSM motors. The following are some of the motor control applications that are supported by Active-Semi with evaluation kits, firmware IP and development tools.

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Application vs Product Table

Application PAC5220 PAC5223 PAC5225 PAC5232 PAC5253 PAC5523 PAC5532
Battery Powered
Power Tools (Vbat <= 48VDC)
Garden Tools (Vbat 48VDC-120VDC)
E-Bike, E-Scooter, E-Skateboard
Light HEV
Industrial Control
Application PAC5250 PAC5253 PAC5255
AC/Offline Powered
Refrigerator Compressor
Air Conditioner Compressor
Washing Machine
Ceiling/Standing/Industrial Fans
Water Pumps
Power Tools

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